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A view from the hill of perceptions

We are the Reality of our own self.

Written by Monja Swanepoel.

When we think of ourselves it comes to mind that we are human beings on earth living the life that is set out for us. As we live this set out life, where most of the things in our our reality are not at ease, we live with limiting beliefs about ourselves, our life and the World.

That is where we are somehow mistaken because we set out a life for ourselves with the reality we choose to live in. In this reality we are repeatedly doing what we think is right. But what is right? Only the ‘right’ you choose to believe to be. Anything can be right or wrong.

370 x 370The changes you make to your own perceptions, can change your whole life, reality and ultimately, World. Because, when I choose to view it this way – all we are and ever will be is, one big conscious awareness. And when we realise that we are all one World the World becomes a bundle of love and that is what we need to see in the reality we live in for it to really make any sense. Therefore being able to see through these glasses, life is what we make it. By choosing to make it loveable and by being the infinite conscious reflection of who you truly are, can be what you always longed for.

If we tune into the chosen perceptions and partner up with our unconscious mind, then all possibilities start to come clear to you that you are as free and light as a feather on a windy day. That is when time doesn’t matter anymore, problems go away, uneasy feelings, thoughts and actions start to turn its toll into something newly undiscovered. Because you chose your reality, no-one can disturb this perception.

picture of self control thermostatThat is how to keep your life newly and interesting to all possibilities by keeping your thoughts, activities, experiences a new found discovery to explore. This is the way we can transform into being a better version of ourselves and have a better version of the reality we want to be in. By starting to live life with being aware that you are capable of being anyone at any pace and anywhere if you put your mind to the matter of fact that we are all one love and love conquers all.

imagesThat is when Life begins to form a reality you never thought was possible and leads you to never ending possibilities of infinite realities which you can choose from. The perception we have of ourselves is the projection we see in the mirror and when we change our perception the projection and reflection changes. The law of attracting what we want can easily be done when we truly want something.

This is why and how we can shape your life with attracting the best things into your life with keeping in mind that with love in your heart you are living an infinite life where all possibilities can be attracted from a single thought and nothing becomes something.

A view from the hill of perceptions

Monja Swanepoel, NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and transformational artist.

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