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What’s the most affordable way to learn NLP?

What’s the most affordable way to learn NLP?

There are so many outlets to learn NLP that to get yourself through the maze of training companies and styles is a major achievement in itself!

The first questions should be:

A) Do I want a live training or an online, distance course?
B) Do I want to be trained so I can perform, or do I just want to attend a course that has information for my own interest?

Girl-Blowing-flowerAt NLP world, we give you what we consider to be the best live and online trainings in the world. We also supply you with an ABC of Abundant Living course, for those who want to experience NLP yet do not want to be trained in it.

KC-Portfolio-NLPWorld-Online-Course-940px1If you are interested in the NLP online courses please visit out UK site here.

The course has been placed into the market at 50% lower price than our UK sister companies event of the same duration. Therefore to get onto a course in South Africa is R15,500. The very same course in the UK is R30,000!

There is no doubt that your SA course is worth twice the price you are paying. Especially when you take into consideration you are will have a worldwide accreditation on completing the course. You will be accredited via ANLP and AIP (UK and USA) plus Comensa in SA. Making your certificate just about as robust and creditable as you could imagine.

There are many other benefits to training with NLP World:

On your fully accredited NLP Practitioner training course, we show you the ‘How’ of how to discover and manage your abilities to get success and results, using the attributes you already have; mentally, emotionally and physically.

Our NLP Practitioner Certification training will enable you to use NLP techniques in business, coaching, therapy and in health to help create the results you want in life.

You do not need any previous experience in NLP before you come to the training. Everything is taught from the pre-study materials and the seven day course itself.

We do run a one day NLP based course course called The ABC of Abundant Living Workshop, as well as a Four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course.

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