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What’s in an NLP Practitioner test?

We do have criteria for passing the NLP program. Having accreditation bodies means there are standards and rules of engagement. Having an NLP test shows you have looked at and understood the principle of NLP.

So what’s in an NLP Practitioner test?

There are 41 questions that make up the NLP Practitioners test. Here are a few to give you the flavour:

1. List six presuppositions of NLP.

2. What is ‘The Law of Requisite Variety’

3. Which of the following descriptions are sensory based (S) and which are hallucinations/mind reads (H)? Bear in mind sensory based is based on fact and can be measured.

Her lips puffed and the muscles on her face tightened.
She was relieved.
The volume of his voice was diminished.
She looked guilty. He looked cold.
He showed remorse.
His pupils dilated.

4. List six modalities of calibration (i.e. skin tonus etc)

5. What is the difference between voice tone, tempo and timbre?

6. What is rapport in NLP terms? How is it useful??

7. List five things to match in getting rapport.

8. What is cross over mirroring?

Of course some of these questions will sound like ‘bananas’ if you haven’t listened to the Mp3s or looked into the NLP manual, yet you could get to envisage some of the depth we go into when training your deeper mind how to think about the principles of communication at the deepest level.

Why do we have to complete an NLP Practitioner test at all?

The test gets you ready for the full accelerated course and allows us to see how you are doing with the concepts of NLP before we start the live training. It’s also part of the accreditation curriculum. Unlike some companies, we have an independent body of accreditation companies (ANLP UK and AIP USA) who look at our organisation and regulate the quality of what you are getting from us.

What Certification Will I Receive on Completion of the NLP Training Course?

On completion of the course you will be awarded with 3 certificates which represent your record of commitment; a professional accreditation, outlining the time and effort you have invested in your personal development.

The certifications on this training is an internationally recognised NLP qualification, matching and adhering to international standards as a Practitioner in the following areas:

* NLP Practitioner Certificate, accredited by the ANLP in the UK and AIP in the US.
* Hypnotherapy Practitioner, accredited by AIP
* Time Based Techniques accredited by John Overdurf

Therefore, part of the NLP test is to make sure we have complied with our regulation bodies, plus making you fully prepared for what’s coming!

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