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Terry Elston:

Autumn in South Africa

Autumn in South Africa

What does Autumn in South Africa mean for your coaching business? What attributes does this season have and how does it effect you?

After many years in the NLP & coaching industry, I have experienced that the seasons have a huge effect on our internal systems, the way we think, the way we buy even!

The stock markets will rise and fall according to weather patterns also. House prices (more in the Northern Hemisphere), will dip coming into winter, and rise again like a phoenix, come spring and eventually peak in summer.

a girl holding flowerThe Metaphor of autumn would be traditionally, reaping the harvest. You made your commitments in spring (planted seeds), you have taken care of your thoughts (seeds again) watered them, nourished them – and now they have flourished in summer, it’s time to reap your rewards. The idea here would also be, on a mental level, to take responsibility for your harvest. Whatever you have is yours, you voted it in and now you have it in your hands.

To this, some people exclaim “But what about the weather, the environment, the other people – don’t they have an influence on my crops/results?”

That is generally a tough one to explain to those who have not yet reached the pinnacle of 100% responsibility for their results. Taking 100% responsibility does not mean that you are making yourself into a God. it means that you accept that you are a powerful being that has the ability of intention, choice and the strategies to implement them.

Anything less than good results simply will be feedback about what to do better next time. Exactly the same as if you planted seeds in spring to what you now have in your hands at autumn.

The more we progress as a human race, the mental we become. We can now meditate and cause results. We don’t have to dance all day to make something happen, we can think it into being.

So the seeds of the future are your precious thoughts and taking care of them is like taking care of a seed in a garden.

“Some people say that money does not grow on trees. I say it depends which garden you are in!” Terry Elston


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