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NLP Business Presentation Skills MP3

NLP Business Presentation Skills MP3

Presentations skills are far more complicated than learning how to stand powerfully, which voice to use and how to use body language to influence an audience. If the speakers unconscious mind is not invested in their own presentation, the body will have to show it to the audience. The body does not, and does not want to lie.

Therefore it’s much more useful to show a presenter how easy it is to be able to ‘be’ with your audience than show you slick techniques for an hour. This recording has recently got so popular it’s into the top twenty charts in iTunes self-development genre.

What’s on the recording?

Here are some of the bullets to what you’ll find inside:

• Gain group rapport quickly and genuinely
• How to use energy to engage a group of thousands
• The 4-Mat system – a quantifiable process to lead you through the presentation knowing where you are at all times
• The Now State to keep your energy and emotions in control
• The Satir Categories to guide you how to use your body
• How to use metaphor to deeply influence your audience
• The physical aspects of running a Presentation

group clappingWe cover aspects of presenting like how to gain group rapport quickly by consciously using your energy from the front of the room. Claim your compliance with groups of up to thousands, inside a virtual ‘lasso’ of rapport energy – just by standing there! The notion of energy has not been forgotten on this audiobook. Energy and how to manage it is the biggest part of being a great presenter. Terry shows you how to be the best you can – before even saying a word out loud!

Here’s what Amy Humpries thinks:

“This recording is the most simple, but comprehensive expression of how to intimately connect with an audience, however large. I use this now and it supplements my presentations incredibly”.

Amy Humphries – Presenter and Media consultant

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