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Fields of Thought

By Tsvetelina Paykov

Our minds are libraries filled with every thought we have ever had. Neatly filed away and ready to be used as we need it. The entrance ‘windows’ to our library are our eyes. As we go to fetch a file our eyes move in the direction of the a particular filing cabinet (one of at least six).

I often come across people’s eyes searching for a file, moving in the same direction every time while wanting to change something in their life, desperate to create new opportunities or solutions to their problems.

clocks of mechanismYour thoughts are in the place where you left them. In those places (codes), you cannot create or solve anything in a way that the outcome would be different. It was what you used in a first place to get to where you are in this point in time. As absurd as it is, it is easier somehow to stay with what is familiar and let change always be somewhere in the future, where it is safe.

We continuously use the patterns we previously created. Like grooves on a DVD, showing the same movie again and again. The way we are as humans is not unique, biologically our brains function in the same way. Neurons are triggered by a stimulus, they fire up and engage in connection with another neuron creating lines of thought.

Whaaat? Then how do we ever get to change something?

The usual way is way of drama and pain. Big shifts in societies have come the way of war, famine, natural disaster. The biology and neurology are literally forced to change pathways. The habits are broken at last. If that was all there was, we would be resigned to a Darwinian process forever.

BUT, with the evolution of the brain and mind, choice plays it part, like some Harry Potter movie, a magic mind wand is available.

circumstance-300x300Big change can come from little things, the small steps we take. Steps which are not born of habit and familiarity. Transformation begins with a thought of possibility. Consciously choosing different avenues to create a new way of thinking is the gateway to constant source of possibilities.

Our files are “numbered “ but our library is limitless. All we have to do in creating new files is something small that you have never done before. As you do a new thought pathway comes about, imprinted in your mind from choice and you have changed already.

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