4 Day NLP Practitioner

The four Day NLP Practitioner Training Course (South Africa) is designed to provide you with the comprehensive knowledge of the latest NLP techniques along with the NLP Certification accredited by recognized bodied in the world in just four days. This course was designed for those who either did not have the time (or money) to do the seven day course at this point in time. Individual who sign up for the four day can top up to the seven by taking the three days at another time. Or, in fact, do the whole seven days, including the four day once again.

What you can expect from this course

The four Day NLP Practitioner course offers you the instruction, demonstration and discussion as well as the opportunity to practice the techniques learnt in a supportive environment. Training groups are limited to 6-16 members to ensure that each participant receives personal attention from the trainers.

The course is designed for easy application in both your personal and professional life. The NLP techniques that you learn in this course are featured in many other types of leadership, coaching and communication training. To ensure that you receive quality training that is appropriate and applicable to your learning style you will receive:

  • First class demonstrations of techniques
  • Coaching and support on an individual level
  • An opportunity to have your questions answered
  • Group practice sessions
  • Skill building exercises

The Course Outline

Throughout the duration of this four day course, you will learn;

  • Creating and maintaining genuine rapport
  • Understanding and utilising body language when communicating
  • The skills of observing other people – ultimate sensory awareness
  • Creating positive change in your own life and the lives of others
  • The conscious use of language
  • Setting effective and value-driven goals both professionally and personally
  • How to take charge of your own life and have the physical and mental alignment to be confident in all you do
  • The skills to adapt to new and different thinking and learning techniques as well as capacity to effectively experience different perspectives
  • Creating and managing your emotional states in order to gain higher performance
  • How to manage stress, how to sustain high performance and how to achieve a greater sense of being.

The Course Materials

Prior to attending the Four Day NLP Practitioner course, you will be provided with pre-course study materials that include an MP3 audio set, video recording showing the techniques you want to learn and a training manual. The materials designed to enable you accelerate the learning process and will be provided to you in a variety of formats including;

  • A USB stick together with the NLP Manual
  • Via a DropBox folder
  • Or in another format of your choosing (please ask when you book the course)

What is included in the Fees?

The course is offered to 16 people per course so you can get plenty of personal assistance from the trainers. In addition to quality training in a supportive and fun environment, participants also get;

  • Pre-study materials that cover the whole curriculum of NLP and Time Based Techniques, including videos and MP3s from both live and studio recordings.
  • Pre and Post Course support that is offered via Skype, Email or Telephone
  • A fully accredited course via ANLP (after 50 hours face to face), AIP, Comensa, CPD and The Coaching Society (fees may apply)
  • The opportunity to attend the course again for just the administration fee
  • A discount on other training packages (when you book more than 1 course)
  • Inclusion into our group Facebook community to share ideas, messages and occasionally clients

Certification and Accreditation

On completing the course, you will be awarded with a certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming which is a representation of the commitment, as well as a personal accreditation and outlines the time and effort that you put towards your personal development. This certification internationally recognised and is AIP accredited and is also accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD).