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Keep the Change

However, when we begin to delve into the origins of these stories, we will inevitably stumble upon some early (often childhood) memories.

Your Life Sentence

Andros Training room

I recall my first time hearing the term life sentence I was attending an NLP Practitioner training with NLP World and Terry Elston. I was immediately struck by the gravity of this phrase as it conjured up visions of maximum security prisons and trash TV depicting the harsh gang driven penitentiaries.

Move Fall Crawl

Wesley kew

Move, fall or crawl just keep on going. Over the years I have been confronted with the fact that I’m not perfect. I know this may sound rather obvious, but to me it was something that I believe I needed to strive for. I needed to strive for perfection so I would be accepted by those around me and should I experience rejection it was because I was not good-enough; … Continue Reading

You can’t always get what you want

you can't always get what you want

You can’t always get what you want The rolling stones remind me that I “can’t always get what I want”. How frustrating I often find myself thinking. What do you mean ‘I can’t always get what I want’. If I want it then surely I must be entitled to it and obviously, I know what I want, so I deserve it, right? Well for a long time I used to … Continue Reading

Focus on what you want


Focus on what you want Every time I hear the statement It feels like I take three steps forwards and five steps backwards ….and as I hear it, it ignites a fire in my belly like few other statements do. You may be asking why this occurs, great question? Simply because it reminds me that my feelings are not in control of me nor my state and most definitely not … Continue Reading

How did I end up here?

Wesley kew

How did I end up here? By Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist Recently I have been plagued by a gnawing sense of irritating – and questioning all that I see and experience around me. I was reluctant to hang out with people, easily frustrated by petty and trivial interactions and most prominently struggling to sleep well. Soon I was walking around with hate in my heart and self-righteousness in my head. … Continue Reading



Easier said than done… by Wesley Kew, an article about the things we put off – Procrastination Think like and man of action, act like a man of thought. ~Henri Berson~ “I know what I want to do, but I just can’t seem to do it”. As I heard my friend utter these words I snapped around and quickly reminded him that with that attitude he is sure to be … Continue Reading

What you think you become


What you think you become. Many times in life I find myself delighting in my own downfall and indulging in my hardships and plight. It is here that I so often turn to nature to learn how to navigate tough times. The humble ant continually acts as a source of inspiration as it goes about thinking always of summer during the winter and thinking about winter during the summer. During … Continue Reading

Structure of the Mind


Structure of the Mind by Wesley Kew. It never ceases to amaze me just how much of the world is in actual fact a figment of my imagination. At times I forget this and begin to make sweeping statements and react to so-called realities that exist only in my head. This all came to a head recently, when I began to experience anxiety at night just before bedtime. My anxiety … Continue Reading

Arguing for a better understanding

man woman arguing

By Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist Arguing for a better understanding. Love them or hate them, if you find yourself in an intimate or any other kind of relationships, odds are that sooner or later you are bound to experience a disagreement. In many cases, arguments spiral out of context and become fuelled by “ghosts of Christmas past”. Meaning that all too often the true fuel that keeps your argument going … Continue Reading

The Map is Not the Territory

The Map is not the territory

The Map is Not the Territory, and all the meaning that goes with it. An article about NLP and finding new meaning, by Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist The world as it is, has been and will always move towards homeostasis or balance if you will. I dare go further and say that the world and its surrounding universe are in a state of perfect harmony. Yet, I have come to … Continue Reading

The Power of the Word

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming?

By Wesley Kew, Clinical Psychologist I never cease to be amazed at the power of the spoken word and the extent to which it shapes our environments and molds the very fabric of who we are…”that which is without becomes within”! “We learn language…then that language molds our personality…then our molded personality uses that language to speak out, read and in turn…that which we read and speak…shapes who we become…circularity…like … Continue Reading

As I teach, I’m taught

Winning SA Water Polo team

As I teach, I’m taught – By Wesley Kew Clinical Psychologist and Master Practitioner of NLP Growing up I was surrounded with bits of knowledge randomly scattered around without the appreciation of how valuable they were. At times I too did not always fully appreciate how valuable these pieces of knowledge were or how effective they would be when adequately understood and applied to my daily thinking and functioning. Regardless … Continue Reading